Kiteboarding is the ultimate hybrid watersport that is a combination of piloting and wakeboarding or snowboarding. The idea behind kiteboarding is very simple–you stand on a board with foot straps or bindings and use the power of a large controllable kite to propel you and the board across the water. This simplicity also makes kiteboarding challenging. Your body is the only connection between the kite and the board and you have to control them both at the same time: piloting the kite on the sky and steering the board on the water.

We offer beginner to advanced instruction – private, small group, and kids camps in the summer. We also have top quality rental gear and gear for sale.


Island Style Watersports is commited to providing top quality, very safe, and personalized instruction along with the best equipment to make for the best learning experience there is. Our experienced and PASA and IKO certified instructors will ensure a safe and fun lesson in which becoming an independent kiteboarder is the main goal. We utilize a coaching style method of teaching- our instructors guide you at your pace. No predetermined set of structured lessons here that either hold you back or leave you feeling like you’ll never get it.

Also, for your safety and efficiency in learning we have our own fully equipped pontoon boat and jet ski to support you during your water lessons which take place in the flat, shallow waters of Sarasota Bay free from obstacles. You first start out learning about the wind window, safety measures, body mechanics, and kite handling with a trainer kite on land and then you progress to a 4 line kite where you transfer already learned skills and move on to learning how to properly set up the equipment, launching and landing, body drags downwind and upwind, how to get up, stop, turn, self rescue, and eventually stay upwind.

Most people want to know how many lessons it will take them. Well, that is a difficult question to answer but what we can say is that on average for the fastest learners under ideal conditions it will take a good 5-6 hours. For most people under variable conditions it will most likely take around 12-15 hours. But everyone is different and that is why we tailor each lesson specific to each student and the current conditions so you can get the most from the lesson and have maximum progression.


Kiteboarding private Lessons are $350 for a 2 hour lesson and each additional hour is $150.


IKO , the International Kiteboarding Organization, is an independent and international organization founded in November 2001 in order to promote kiteboarding worldwide. Through the development of a professional network of affiliated kiteboarding centers and trained instructors and examiners, IKO provides a high quality level of teaching, with standards that are recognized and applied worldwide.

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Kiteboarding is a very, very young sport. In 1998, there were probably only a couple dozens kitesurfers in the world (there was a “world cup” back then in Hawaii but some of the winners were starting learning kiting a few weeks/months before the “world cup”). The population of kitesurfers has been growing rapidly to around 150,000 to 350,000 kitesurfers world wide.





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PASA, the Professional Air Sports Association, is dedicated to promoting and teaching kiteboarding in a manner that is professional, safe, and fun. By working with kiteboarding associations, schools, manufacturers and associations PASA helps establish widely accepted standards of instruction for schools.

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