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Many people have caught on to the positive gain from windsurfing. It is considered to be one of the most soothing watersports for both body and mind. People of all ages can enjoy this leisure of a sport since it doesn’t require a great amount of strength or athletic ability. Best of all it is completely environmentally safe and free from noise or pollution.

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What Is Windsurfing

Windsurfing is another hybrid watersport that combines the element of sailing and surfing. Windsurfing is loved for its versatility as you can speed through the waves and conquer the changing elements of nature all while enjoying the tranquility of the breeze. No matter your age, size, or gender, you can enjoy this calming sport which is also a stimulating form of exercise. Come and check out the leisure of sailing the flat waters or ripping across waves of the gulf and fall in love with this watersport like many other people have! Learn to windsurf the right way in our beginner all the way to advanced classes. You can choose from private to small groups. Kids can take advantage of this program during the summer camps as well. You can also rent or purchase kiteboarding gear to enhance your experience!

Windsurfing Lessons

Experience the beauty of Sarasota, FL through a new and exciting way! Learn how to windsurf in a safe environment with our team of seasoned and certified instructors.

Learn the basics of this course where you will learn windsurfing skills such as water safety, how to launch, how to sail, the proper stance, rescue skills, and many other fun skills. When the course is completed you will have learned how to properly windsurf and have all the skills to truly enjoy this watersport.

Besides having the knowledge and skills necessary, you will be awarded the Basin Windsurfing Award Certificate once you pass the course!

Course Requirements: Ability to swim 50 meters

Beyond Beginner Lessons – Refresh your skills or become an advanced windsurfer with our Beyond Beginner Lessons. Once you have completed the intro lessons, you can take your skills to the next level!

You can work on different skills from faster beach starts to tracking and jibbing. You can bring your own gear or we can set you up with rental gear.

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