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What is Kiteboarding

Take a combination of wakeboarding or snowboarding and pair it with piloting. You now have Kiteboarding! This hybrid watersport is easy in concept but definitely challenging and it takes some practice to master. To start off with, you stand on a board with foot straps. A large controllable kite will power you and the board across the water. You will need to use your entire body simultaneously to control both the kite in the sky and the board on the water.

Learn how to Kiteboard the right way in our beginner all the way to advanced classes. You can choose from private to small groups. Kids can take advantage of this program during the summer camps as well. You can also rent or purchase kiteboarding gear to enhance your experience!

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Kiteboarding History

Kiteboarding originated back in 1998 where only a few dozen people actually kiteboarded around the world. Hawaii actually hosted the first kiteboarding “world cup” where most of the participants were very new to the sport and not experienced since it’s such a young sport. There are currently over 350,000 kiteboarders worldwide and counting!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We had an exciting and fun-filled lesson with Colin. We thought the interactions with Guy on the phone and the personal care we received by Colin to be very professional and organized. Thanks Guys! We will be back!
Lynn Holland
Had a wonderful kayak experience. We got to see manatees, dolphins, sea urchins, sea cucumbers in the bay and had a fantastic tour through the mangrove tunnels. Our guide Colin was informative and entertaining and we learned about marine life and some local lore as well.
Ellen N.

Kiteboarding Lessons

When signing up for kiteboarding lessons you will be learning from quality, seasoned PASA and IKO certified instructors. Our main objective is to get you kiteboarding independently while learning how to take safety precautions. We have adopted a coaching style technique to be able to effectively guide you at your own pace. You won’t feel held back or like you’re not getting it as we focus on your personal timing and advancements.

To start off with, we will be having the lessons in Sarasota Bay where there are flat, shallow waters free from impediments. We will begin with teaching you the safety measures that need to be taken, wind windows, body mechanics, and also kite handling with a trainer kite on land. You will then progress to a 4-line kite. As you learn how to properly set up your equipment you will move on to learning everything about kiteboarding such as how to get up, how to turn, how to stop, how to self-rescue, etc.

The amount of lessons that you will need to fully learn how to kiteboard is different for everybody. If the conditions are great, you could learn in as little as 5-6 hours. However, most people find they need a solid 12-15 hours. Since everyone is different, we customize each lesson just for you according to the current conditions. We aim for you to feel you are getting the most out of the lessons and that you are constantly progressing.

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